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End of the beginning for record-low interest rates

Borrowers need to start planning for higher costs Who would have thought that the world would be suspended in such surreal surroundings for a decade. 10 years, hundreds of millions of families and trillions in EU cash and finally, the…

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Quantitative Easing Impact on Main Street Explained

By Frank Conway Across the Eurozone, we’re being told that the price of goods and services has been falling. Not a bad thing, especially now as those pesky post-Christmas credit card bills are being slipped our front-door letter boxes. Although…

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Will the ECB put petrol in the QE car today?

Mario Draghi has proven a shrewd operator since he took the helm as head of the ECB over three years ago so it should be easy to read his lips on where the Central Bank’s thinking is, this is especially…

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