Irish Financial Review


False sense of wealth

Today’s report from the Irish Central Bank provides some bank holiday cheer; we are all wealthier! A lot of our new-found wealth derives from rising housing value. Savings and investments also play a role but is the rise in housing…

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Here is where Ireland ranks in global homeownership tables

Surprise, surprise, the Irish are not tops when it comes to owning the home they live in. Here in EU-land, the top place goes to the…Romanians! Yes, they manage better than most to own their homes. On their heels are…

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Homeownership leads to unemployment claim economists

A new study by two economists concludes that rising levels of homeownership “are a precursor to eventual sharp rises in unemployment.” As more homes are owned, in other words, fewer people have jobs. The study, by David G. Blanchflower of…

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