Your Personal Credit Report

Your personal credit report is your most important profile. And in Ireland, there are now two credit reporting companies that store and manage your personal credit history. Those are the Irish Credit Bureau and the Central Credit Register.

Everyone has access to a copy of their personal credit report. Here, you have two choices:

  1. The Irish Credit Bureau ( It charges €6 for a copy of your report if you want to see what information it holds on you.

Each of the credit reports carries a summary of an individual’s financial credit agreements and reliability—particularly how well they have repaid their loans.

If you have borrowed from a bank, credit union, car finance company and even through a local authority, the amount of the debt, the monthly repayment and if you have paid your monthly payment on time is recorded and reported.

This information is available in the future if you look to borrow from other lenders so it is important to pay all of your loans on time and in full as a bad credit record can last up to 5 years.