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Getting a mortgage remains a challenge

By Frank Conway The latest mortgage statistics from the Bank Payments Federation of Ireland reveals there has been a relatively modest rate of growth in mortgage lending through the 2nd quarter of 2018. At a first glance, it looks reasonably…

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How the State can take a role in mortgages & housing

In 1930’s America, the financial system was so devastated by the 1929 stock market crash, banks were largely still out action a decade later. The Great Depression wreaked havoc on the U.S. housing market with one-in-four mortgage holders in default…

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State must create ‘shared fairness’ in dysfunctional mortgage market

In 2015, 24,134 mortgages drawn down; in 1979, the number was higher. The 2015 figure includes first time buyers, second time buyers and those buying an investment property but it excludes the 3,000 or so top-up and switcher mortgages since…

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