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Detroit Investment Shambles for Irish

A report in the Irish Times today illustrates the massive appeal of ‘buying low’. It’s been a mantra of brokers for decades; the ‘you can’t lose’ argument that can be so successful at whetting the appetite of those looking for investment returns. …

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What’s the difference between a fund analyst and a computer?

Very little apparently! Back in the late ‘90’s, when I was still a credit underwriter, I worked on a project that I thought was a little bonkers. The project was to evaluate the precision of automated underwriting software and how…

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How frugal living and patience are keys to growing personal wealth

Ronald Read  lived in rural Vermont and pumped petrol for a living. But on his death, friends were surprised by his wealth. Mr. Read, a longtime resident of Brattleboro, Vt., died in June at the age of 92. His friends…

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