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Who cares about free lunches when there is free money for college grads

  By Frank Conway Before you get carried away with your spending plans, spare a thought for some really important money incentives that will super-boost¬†your net worth. Many¬†employers love to brag about how well they care for their employees. And…

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Fair mortgage rates campaign is populism that will hurt consumers

By Frank Conway As popular as it might sound, the fair mortgage rates campaign in Ireland is populist and flawed. While some political parties have backed the campaign, the Irish Central Bank and the leading consumer agency have not. Neither…

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10 things every parent should teach their 7-year old child about money if they don’t want them to grow up broke!

Research shows that kids as young as age 7 begin to form life-long money habits. Following are some simple steps adults can take if they want to ensure their 7-year old child develops a good relationship with money that will…

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