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End of the beginning for record-low interest rates

Borrowers need to start planning for higher costs Who would have thought that the world would be suspended in such surreal surroundings for a decade. 10 years, hundreds of millions of families and trillions in EU cash and finally, the…

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A closer look at contactless card security

Over the course of the last few years, Irish banks and credit card companies have been busy issuing new high-tech credit and debit cards. A new feature of these cards is a technology which permits card holders to simply ‘tap’…

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How the State can take a role in mortgages & housing

In 1930’s America, the financial system was so devastated by the 1929 stock market crash, banks were largely still out action a decade later. The Great Depression wreaked havoc on the U.S. housing market with one-in-four mortgage holders in default…

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