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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Mortgage arrears continue to fall

The total number of mortgage accounts for principal dwelling houses (PDHs) in arrears fell further in the fourth quarter of 2017; this marks the eighteenth consecutive quarter of decline. A total of 70,488 accounts (10 per cent) were in arrears…

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Amigo they might be but not when it comes to their interest rates

Amigo loans is a long-established UK sub-prime lender. It operates a business model that targets vulnerable customers with high rate personal loans. And in today’s Irish Independent, it is reported that the Central Bank of Ireland has granted the company…

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Pensions 2022 – but to whose benefit?

For years now, the Irish pension industry has been actively encouraging Government to take firm action against the ‘low levels’ at which Irish people have been saving for retirement. The ESRI is also a regular contributor to the debate. By…

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