Bonkers Brexiteers

These three Brexiteers are just bonkers!

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Not doing his homework. David Davies blames the EU for lack of progress on UK side.

When Canute, the 10th Century King used the incoming tide to demonstrate to his courtiers that he had no control over it, the story was later twisted into one of a mad king attempting to hold back the incoming tide.

Today, we have Canute wannabees, but they are in fact the real thing; they are bonkers! The three Brexiteers, Liam Fox, David Davies and Theresa May are all attempting to prove that a falsehood is in fact a reality and they are determined to prove it.

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Liam Fox is leading Theresa May down a path of failure as he eyes the Tory leadership position

On the issue of Brexit, each has attempted to plaster over the many lies that were told in the lead-up to the UK Brexit Referendum and have continued to use delusion to cover the cracks that have begun to appear ever since.

On the ‘have-our-cake-and-eat-it’ approach to the EU common market and market access negotiations, they are seeking to both leave it and remain in it at the same time; impossible on all fronts.

On the matter of the financial settlement (a.k.a the Brexit bill), while this is probably one area where flexibility on both sides can work, there are some on the Brexit far-right that believe no bill should be paid. Maybe this is a negotiation tactic? Ultimately, it almost doesn’t matter what the final bill will be since everybody is going to be worse off as a result of Brexit anyway, especially in the UK.

What is most concerning about the three Brexiteers is their entire approach to negotiations, it is simply bonkers.

The UK, one of the EU’s leading economies voted to end the free market access that grew its wealth and now, cutting out a big part of its economic engine must be achieved with no damage to the economy. It’s a bit like asking a surgeon to remove the foot of an elite athlete in such a way that the athlete can return to peak competition without delay.

As a result, unable to achieve the impossible, the three Brexiteers are now starting down that well-work path to the blame game. Instead of telling the British public they are in an impossible position, they turn to fudge and threats. Irish peace, it could be on the line according to some Brexiteers. The role of the ECJ, it is open to transition, or is it? Influence over EU decision-making, the Brexiteers demand it even though the Norwegians and Swiss don’t have it (they are in the EEA and pay into the EU budget). Everything is a fudge, a call for the impossible, flexibility on lies, lies about facts and the whole thing becomes one big Brexit mess which the Brexiteers hope will become their first major export across the EU.

If they really do care about the interest of the British public, Brexiteers must hold a national plebiscite on the final Brexit deal. It can be non-binding but at least that way, there would be no ambiguity about the public support for the deal negotiated on their behalf by the Brexiteers.

In the meantime, the have-our-cake-and-eat-it approach is well past its use-by date. It’s time for a more honest approach from the Brexiteers.

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