Are these Brexit brands bad for Irish families?

One pro-Brexit brand gets reduced  9% VAT while Irish consumers pay full price

A number of UK brands that operate successfully across the Irish market are big supporters of Brexit. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be examining how their Brexit support may impact the Irish economy and Irish families in the coming years.

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Mr. Simon Wolfson of Next is a major Brexit supporter

Next – the boss of Next, Mr. Simon Wolfson has been a major backer of the Brexit campaign. In today’s edition of the UK Independent newspaper, Mr. Wolfson is quoted as saying that he has “no regrets about backing Brexit“. However, since the Brexit vote, a growing number of UK brands have raised their concerns with the UK Tory Government about the return to a hard border between Ireland (and the EU) and the UK. The long-term return of such a border would have a significant social and economic impact across the Irish economy. But Mr. Wolfson does not appear to care.

Wetherspoon – this brand has been looking to expand it’s foothold in the Irish economy and is currently a beneficiary of the reduced 9% VAT rates across the hospitality sector. But, rather than thank Ireland for lower VAT rates, head of Weatherspoons has been a vitriolic critic of the EU and everything it stands for. That man is Tim Martin and he has used highly derogatory and inaccurate language calling the EU’ a body of unelected apparatchiks“. Mr. Martin is of course completely wrong. EU parliamentarians are of course elected by EU citizens in the EU parliament elections and various agencies within the overall framework are established at the direction of the EU Parliament. Weatherspoons operates a number of pubs in Dublin and Cork including The Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire, The Great Wood in Blanchardstown, The Old Borough in Swords and The Linen Weaver in Cork. Tim Martin clearly does not care about the impact a hard Brexit will have on the Irish economy and the health of the Irish economy.

Image result for tim martin & wetherspoons

Mr. Tim Martin has been incorrectly described EU parliamentarians and ‘unelected’ and has been a leading Brexit campaigner despite owing a number of pubs in the Republic of Ireland

In summary

As it stands, the so-called ‘hard Brexit’ advocated by Tory Prime Minister Theresa May will result in a significant loss of jobs across Ireland. For Irish consumers, in order to protect their personal financial well-being, they need to start thinking about the financial impact on them and their families. Brands that support Brexit have a right to their positions. But Irish consumers would do well to understand what those positions really mean to them and their families.

More to follow.

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