10 money tips for a modern St. Patrick

While tomorrow is the big day where we celebrate the life of St. Patrick, we thought we might take a slightly different approach and consider the modern needs of St. Patrick from a financial perspective.

Financial consideration for St. Patrick in a modern context
  1. Kidnap insurance – YES! Having been snatched from his home in Wales, this is something his parents would be strongly advised to take out.
  2. Foreign exchange – Yes! Travel to and from Wales would have meant that St. Patrick would have been at risk of hidden commission and other fees including poor exchange rates. He would be well advised to shop around and consider the net value of the exchange.
  3. Travel insurance – Yes! This would have been a must as he travelled the length and breadth of Ireland. With poor road conditions, St. Patrick would have been subject to a lot of chopping and changing of his very busy schedule.
  4. Health insurance – Yes! Being so busy corralling and banishing snakes from these shores, St. Patrick would be well advised to take out adequate health insurance to treat those many snake bites he would have undoubtedly suffered.
  5. Trademark protection – Yes! Major money opportunity lost here. St. Patrick would have been well advised to protect his famous brand identity; the shamrock. It has since become synonymous all things Irish, this is a lost opportunity for a very generous royalty income in retirement.
  6. Life protection – No! As a single man with few possessions and constantly on the road, Life protection would have probably been an unnecessary expense.
  7. Will – Yes! He would be advised to have one. Even if all he owned were a few worldly possessions, the fact he was so well-known across Ireland, he might have been keen to avoid family feuds over who inherited his staff and other property.
  8. Income protection – No! He probably would not have qualified for it as he probably had sporadic income at best.
  9. Serious Illness protection – No! St. Patrick probably would not have qualified for it either.
  10. Savings – Yes! Highly recommended at all times and St. Patrick would have been advised to do the same, especially as a fall-back option for when he was not on the road.

So, for all out there, have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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