Business innovation crash course for students

For the past year, I’ve been delivering a financial education course into second level schools across Ireland. At first, all of the content was only available through a learning management platform but more recently, I expanded the ways in which teachers could access it.


All of the financial education material has been developed specifically for TY students.

To date, approximately 120 second level schools across Ireland have requested access to the video lessons and the supporting material including the advanced Questions & Answers plus the Student Money Manager supports.

Talking with teachers, one topic that comes up more and more is how to teach students the basics of starting a business themselves.

Ireland has a long history of patent filings but this trend has gone in reverse since 2008. There are a number of reasons put forward for this, including outward migration, the role of multinationals, the financial squeeze at higher education institutions and more restrictive access to funding through traditional financial services (crowd-funding may facilitate a reversal).

But for students, especially those at second level, now is the time to be giving them the knowledge they require to get them thinking about their own futures and the possibilities that exist across the globe by innovating their own ideas and bringing them to market.  For example, a new trade agreement called TTIP is currently under negotiation (slowly) between the US and EU which when passed would have enormous trade implications. Some of the business challenges would be enormous but so too would be the opportunities.

For many, the simplest steps can be the most challenging. For example, how to come up with an innovation in the first place including evaluating the market to see if that idea can win customers. How to develop a brand, how to sell…all skills that will be in demand and can be learned.

I put together a simple crash course on the basic steps students must consider if and when have an idea, a concept, a product they believe passionately in. Hopefully, some of the MoneyWhizz students can become great innovators…and great money managers also.

If you would like a copy of the Student Innovation Crash Course, please let us know. 



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