5 Top Ways for Students to Earn Money

1. Get out – It can be tempting to sit on your laptop and search the web for a summer job, but the reality is you will need to burn some rubber and knock on some doors. There are lots of short-term summer jobs that never make it online. Your best means of reaching the person that you need to convince you are the right person for the job will be face-to-face.

Lots of ways for students to earn a little extra cash during their summer holidays


2. Freelance WritingFreelance writing is one of the most flexible summer jobs for college students. While you won’t earn much – high-paying jobs are usually reserved for established authors, experts in their fields and staff writers – you can make some cash. As a bonus, you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas!
To get started, check out websites such as The Barefoot Writer or Freelance Writing. Be sure to determine your strengths before you begin applying. After all, there’s no point in vying for a job blogging about cars if your automotive knowledge doesn’t extend past paint colour.

3. Online surveys – An increasingly popular way for students to make money is to fill out online surveys in their spare time. Research companies are always recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products. For a few minutes of form filling, you can make a couple of Euro (£ and US$ also) which is paid as cash or in rewards. A few good ones to try are: SurveyCompare, SurveyMonkey, IrishOpinions, MySurvey, IPSOS, Global Test Market, Harris Poll, New Vista, PanelBase, Valued Opinions, SurveyBods, Springboard, YouGov.

4. Mystery shopping  – Becoming a mystery shopper for a company can have its perks. There are a range of services that cover the UK and Ireland and while there is no age limit, mystery shopping companies typically seek parental agreement for those under age 18.

5. Teach  – Using a computer or social media is a given for any student nowadays but there is still a ‘digital deficit’ when it comes to some adults and senior citizens. Teaching adults the basics of using a computer, setting up a social media account or composing and email will not only provide real help but also be an opportunity to earn some cash, who knows, it may even spark an entrepreneurial side???

Frank Conway is the founder of moneywhizz.org, a financial literacy programme for students and young adults.

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