How to negotiate a better deal on just about anything

Best deals on a range of services
Negotiating to a better deal

Despite being told that Europe suffers from a state of near-deflation, one would be forgiven for thinking the opposite in Ireland. Just this week, bus and train fares are set to rise sharply, this the same week as millions of families are expected to register their details for new water services.
For many products and services, the price you see is the price you pay. However, sometimes, the costs are actually more negotiable than you think. Here are a few instances where you can save some money just by knowing what to ask.

While gym memberships can be pricey, they’re usually not fixed, which is why you should always negotiate your rates. Before you sign up, check online to find competitive prices at other comparable fitness clubs. Your gym will often offer to match those prices in order to get you onboard.

If they’re not willing to budge on the rate, try getting the initiation fee waived. Sales staff often have some flexibility when it comes to this, and will commonly waive the fee in order to lock in a membership.

Your cable and mobile phone rates are also adjustable. The best time to negotiate for lower prices is at the end of your contract, when companies know they’ll have to work harder to keep you from switching providers.

Check competitors offers to find out what promotion a service provider is offering new customers and ask if they’ll give you the same deal if you renew. If that doesn’t work, ask to speak with the cancellation team. These service agents are there to keep you from jumping ship, so they often have the most power to give you the best deals.

When it comes to electronics, you probably won’t be able to talk down the price of the latest iPhone, but you can save up to 40 percent on anything from flat-screen TVs to surround-sound stereos, if you know how to negotiate.

Brick-and-mortar retail outlets get a lot of competition from online retailers, so you’ll have a better chance at making a deal in person. For example, some retail brands allows managers to adjust prices to close a sale. Even if they can’t match a price, they can offer extras at no cost. Keep in mind, you’ll have the most bargaining leverage at the end of the month when stores are desperate to hit their monthly sales targets. This applies across a range of sellers, including cars.

So, when it comes to lowering bills or getting a great deal, polish up your negotiating skills. It’s not only what you ask, but how you ask that can make all the difference and with insurance renewal season just about to begin across Ireland, sharper negotiation skills can save you a bundle of your hard earned cash!

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