Financial Literacy Programme Developed for Students

Financial literacy is an essential life skill.

Following is a sample video which demonstrates a new approach to making financial literacy available to students and young adults, an approach that combines e-learning and relevant content to disseminate important money knowledge.

According to research from Harvard University and the OECD, teaching relevant and practical money skills to students and young adults is more important than ever. This is a voluntary effort designed to provide support to schools and parents. If you are a parent or a teacher and would like to find out more about how this unique financial education campaign works, please feel free to let us know.

Comprehensive range of lessons

In total, there are over 40 different money lessons to choose from. Each lesson lasts approximately 4 -5 minutes and combines video, animation, written content and a working demonstration to communicate. We have BANNED industry jargon! Lessons range from Savings, Borrowing, Credit Cards (above), Debit Cards, Fees & Charges, Taxes, Tips and much more!

Interactive testing

The MoneyWhizz financial education programme evaluates the level of understanding with its state-of-the-art testing programme. This allows us to quickly and easily evaluate and update lessons as required.

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