End of speeding tickets as EU plans new measures

It’s a story of big brother and little Miss Daisy.

Being in control of your car is about to take on a whole new meaning. The EU is considering plans to introduce ‘speed limiters’ on cars. These are special electronic devices that will automatically put the brakes on how fast you drive.

Cars would automatically adjust speed under new proposals

Cars could be fitted with these special devices that stop them going faster than 120 kph (70mph).

The proposals include a mix of retro fitting existing cars with special cameras as well as including the technology in newly built ones.

The new measures have been announced by the European Commission’s Mobility and Transport Department as a measure to reduce the 30,000 people who die on the roads in Europe every year.

Talking satellites and ‘reading’ cameras

The scheme would work either using satellites, which would communicate limits to cars automatically, or using cameras to read road signs. Drivers can be given a warning of the speed limit, or their speed could be controlled automatically under the new measures.

A spokesman for the European Commission said: “There is a currently consultation focusing on speed-limiting technology already fitted to HGVs and buses.


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