‘Super-car’ sale surge as prices top $1Million

And now, for a slightly different perspective on the 2013 car market.

As the new car season gets underway, Irish car owners are being treated with the novel ‘131’ fixture on new registrations to add a little change into the new year.

At the same time, Porsche is about to launch the 918 Spyder, a hybrid, which is expected to take the luxury hybrids to a new level. With an estimated price tag of $850,000, the plug-in vehicle will reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour when deliveries commence late next year. The high-end vehicle has a combined petrol and electric hybrid reaches 60 miles per hour within three seconds.

Suoer-car market growing intrnationally
Prices in excess of $800,000

And for those with some extra cash, where their tastes are a little more than Porsche can satisfy, one can opt for a McLaren P1 Coupe which is reported to cost some $1.1 million.

The McLaren super-car
McLaren P1 Coupe sells for over $1Million

But is not just the high-priced manufactures that are active in the booming super-car market. Acura, the high-end brand of Honda (a popular brand in the US but less known here in Ireland) is also getting in on the action.

Carmakers have become excellent marketers, creating a range of high-end products that appeal to those with the means of acquiring them and storylines that intrigue. One tactic has been the slow release of car specifications such as top speeds, engine size as well as release dates, which is done to capture market share.

But for Irish motorists, don’t hold your breath of having a close up at the next set of traffic lights. With some extraordinary price-tags, these super-cars will be rarer than those elusive long-hot summers we have all been endlessly waiting for..or that economic recovery that continues to be just around the corner.

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