Vodafone admits error, grants refund in marketing blooper

Vodafone were tripped up on one their own marketing promotions recently when even they could not tell what a Vodafone number means these days.

Marketing message was misleading

It all began with a weekend phone call. Vodafone had sent one of its regular SMS marketing messages offering ‘free weekend calls and texts to any Vodafone number’.

An unfortunate customer thought this meant any 087 number…after all,  this is the prefix which is granted by Vodafone.

Taking advantage of the offer, the customer made a 30 minute call to later discover that instead of its costing zero, it instead cost a whopping €10.

It turned out that while the other party retained their 087 prefix, they had migrated to another service provider.

It was then the Irish Financial Review was contacted to look into the matter.

Only after a long persistence of asking Vodafone to actually define a Vodafone number did the mobile phone giant admit they could not. The SMS promoting ‘free weekends’ was misleading.  Vodafone quickly conceded their error and offered a generous credit in return…a peace offering which was warmly welcomed.

The lesson here: check your credit before and after calls and if you call ‘any Vodafone number’, you could just be calling your way to a nice credit…if you are prepared to fight your case.

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